TCA: CBS Panel In Depth

Mediaweek’s Marc Berman takes us through the CBS panel and fall schedule from TCA. Take a look at in-depth analysis of all the additions and scheduling changes that will accompany CBS’ fall schedule. Also, tune in to Mediaweek TV for video coverage from TCA.
Click below for a video analyzing the CBS panel and schedule (with Mediaweek correspondent Alan Frutkin):

On the CBS Panel Front:
Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-O, The Defenders, Blue Bloods, $#*! My Dad Says
Mike & Molly
Monday 9:30 p.m.
-The Premise:
A couple (Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell) meet in a support group for overeaters in this multi-camera sitcom from Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre.  
-Lead-in: Two and a Half Men
-Competition: Dancing With the Stars (ABC), The Event (NBC), Lonestar (Fox), Gossip Girl (CW)
-Who Was on the Panel:
Billy Gardell, Melissa McCarthy, Reno Wilson, Katy Mixon, Swoosie Kurtz and executive producers Chuck Lorre and Mark Roberts.
-The Scoop:
Mike & Molly according to Mark Roberts:
“Well, I didn’t set out to write a show about Overeaters Anonymous. I wanted to write a show about two people at the beginning of a relationship, and that was the part of it that intrigued me the most. It’s just a show about people with problems, which is usually what comedy is built around. So, most of the stuff on TV seems pretty unrealistic to me. People dress really nice, and their apartments are really nice. And I don’t buy any of their problems.”
And according to Chuck Lorre:
“These people want to make a change in their lives. I think that speaks to a lot of people who are not satisfied with the status quo in their lives and they’re taking, you know, real actions to improve their lives in one way or another, either through something like a 12-step group or education or exercise, diet, whatever it is. These are people who are alive, and they’re in process. They’re not at the end of the journey. They’re in the journey, and that’s something we can write about forever.”
-The Reality:
While you can’t blame CBS for relying on the talent of current sitcom king Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory), the endless fat jokes in the pilot were monotonous and there was nothing overtly edgy or interesting about the characters of Mike and Molly.  While no one expects a new sitcom to match the levels of former occupant The Big Bang Theory (which always built from Two and a Half Men among adults 18-49), erosion of an expected more than 30 percent could be fatal.  
-Chance of Survival for Mike & Molly (Based on a scale of 1-1 to 10-1):
-Did You Know?:
The last sitcom that focused on the issue of weight was NBC’s short-lived The Dumplings, which aired in first quarter 1976 and featured James Coco and Geraldine Brooks as a hefty married couple who ran a lunch counter in a Manhattan based office building.   
Hawaii Five-O
Monday 10 p.m.
-The Premise:
The day to day operations of the fictional Hawaiian State Police department are the focus of this revival of the classic 1968-80 crime drama.  Alex O’Loughlin steps in for Jack Lord as Det. Steve McGarrett, with Scott Caan as Danny Williams and Lost star Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly.  
-Lead-in: Mike & Molly
-Competition: Castle (ABC), Chase (NBC)
-Who Was on the Panel:
Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan; and executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Peter Lenkov.
-The Scoop:
Alex O’Loughlin on finding his first hit series: