TCA 2009: Style in Business With Guiliana and Bill

Busy couple Bill Rancic and Guiliana DePandi Rancic have a new gig: a reality series on Style Network that allows the cameras to follow them. Bill is an entrepreneur and former winner of The Apprentice; Guiliana is co-host of E! News; and the two met during an E! News interview. And, yes, their wedding was featured on Style Network (and the birth of their first child will probably be featured on the cable net as well). 

So, you might think it is all about the “business.” But after being questioned by the press for about 30 minutes, there is a sincerity about the couple that truly makes them more of the real deal than, let’s say, Trista and Ryan Sutter. But are they “exciting” enough for people to want to watch? That’s questionable.  
Guiliana and Bill debuts on Tuesday, August 5 at 9 p.m. Here are some sample comments from the couple:
Bill: “I think the drama that exists in the show is real drama. It’s real drama that every couple experiences. I think we’re very relatable to the people who are watching this show because everything that we go through, they’ve probably gone through in their lives. I think a lot of people fall into a trap with stuff like this. They become someone they think the viewers want them to be. That doesn’t work because the TV audience today is a lot smarter than they’ve ever been and they know when you’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes or when you’re trying to be someone you’re not.”
Guiliana: “This show probably wouldn’t have worked three or four years ago because it was all trash on these reality shows. It was who was the loudest, who was the meanest, who was the nastiest, who was cheating, who was cussing. When you watch a lot of these reality shows, you go, ‘I never want to be that.’ It’s poison.”