TargetSpot Rolls Out Analytics Tool

TargetSpot is taking accountability in Internet radio campaigns to a new level. Following months of development, TargetSpot launched Wednesday (Sept. 16) TargetSpot Analytics, the first tracking and reporting system that can measure listener behavior after they hear an Internet radio ad, whether the listener clicked on the ad’s banner or not.

While other performance systems provide advertisers with schedule verification and click-through counts, TargetSpot Analytics goes a step further to connect the streaming audio ad heard by the listener to any other activity related to the advertiser’s message.

“There’s a good portion of the streaming audio audience that were exposed to audio ads but responded later, via a different path [other than the banner click],” said Eric Ronning, co-president of sales for TargetSpot.

As part of the launch, TargetSpot is also extending its performance tracking services to other third-party performance-tracking service providers such as DoubleClick DART and Microsoft Atlas.

Armed with additional information about how a listener engages with an Internet radio ad, advertisers can adjust campaigns accordingly to maximize the Internet radio medium.

“You can begin to optimize the cause and effect of Internet radio campaigns,” said Ronning. “It drives some new kinds of thinking.”