SundanceTV Extends Jaguar’s British Villains Campaign

Brit-heavy drama Rectify shows custom spot for the car-maker

One of the most popular creative executions in the automotive category this year has a new edition made by cable network SundanceTV for the second season of Rectify: Jaguar's "British Villains" series of commercials now appears with a Sundance tag on multiple platforms during the show. It's fairly unusual for a high-profile campaign to end up with network branding, but the network makes sense: Sundance's high-profile shows over the last few years have included several British co-productions (and, of course, the network's head, Sarah Barnett, hails from England.

The Jaguar campaign has included nothing but handsome men in its campaign so far; this new execution introduces a woman. It's a big campaign for the luxury auto maker: Jag spent some $4 million on a swanky Super Bowl spot to introduce its spokespeople (and its new F-Type) and has gotten plenty of mileage out of Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and especially Tom Hiddleston, star of the Thor movies (and The Avengers). The faces in the SundanceTV ad aren't particularly well-known, but they are memorable.

Up next on the network: The Honorable Woman, a BBC co-production, which stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as the daughter of an arms dealer. Interestingly, it appears to be notably short on clear-cut villains of the moustache-twirling variety, so evil laughs like the kind tried out below may not turn out to be necessary.


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