Sheen Raises (More) Eyebrows in Interview With Dan Patrick

Charlie Sheen, the troubled star of CBS’ Two and a Half Men, made comments about the casual use of illegal drugs in a Monday interview with TV personality Dan Patrick, which may not sit so well with some viewers and advertisers.

In the radio interview, broadcast by DirecTV, and portions of which are posted on YouTube, Sheen endorsed the use of crack cocaine. The actor said that for those that can “manage it socially, then go for it.” Others, he said, ought to stay away.

It was a stunning comment from Sheen, who insists he is now clean and sober; his alleged drug abuse and related troubles have been constant fodder for the tabloid press.

CBS put Two and a Half Men on production hiatus on Jan. 28 after Sheen entered a rehabilitation program, yet again. The network has aired 16 original episodes and had hoped to produce 24 episodes for the season.

CBS had no comment on the interview. A network rep couldn’t say when or if the program would return to production this season, or if it does, how many new episodes would be made.

Entertainment Weekly reported on Tuesday (Feb. 15) that Chuck Lorre, the executive producer of Two and a Half Men, used a so-called vanity card at the end of last night’s episode to comment on how well he takes care of himself with a regimen that includes plenty of sleep, regular checkups and no drinking, smoking or drugs. Then, he quipped, “If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I’m going to be really pissed.”