Scion Makes Its First Spanish-Language Upfront Buy Exclusive to Univision

Integrations set for Gossip Girl Acapulco, Q2 movies

This upfront season saw plenty of growth in the auto category, at least if you were selling inventory in the Hispanic market. That's one of the reasons that Toyota brand Scion saw fit to make its first Spanish-language upfront buy this year. Starting in October, it'll roll out across Univision's various properties, including an integration in Gossip Girl Acapulco.

"It is not new for Scion to reach the Hispanic youth," said Nancy Inouye, national marketing manager for Scion. "But in the past we've been targeting the acculturated youth." Inouye said that the outreach to bilingual Hispanics was a relatively new one for the company. Last year, it began advertising with Univision and this year decided, with agency Zenith Optimedia, to bring the network on board for Spanish-language creative with a comprehensive buy that includes sports, scripted shows and a Q2 buy that will incorporate bumpers branded to Univision's movie programming.

"One of the reasons why we were doing so well within the category is that Hispanics are a significant amount of the growth in automotive," said Trisha Pray, Univision's evp of network sales. The company, in fact, has more than one new auto brand on the hook this year. Scion has run of schedule on UDN (the group's sports net), Unimas and Galavision included in the buy as well.

The new Spanish-language campaign is focused on Scion's "pure process" buying system, a Web-based tool that allows prospective customers to navigate pricing directly through Toyota, including financing, insurance and service agreements. It de-emphasizes the legendary difficulty of buying a car at a dealership since the prices are mandated to dealers, but it's a complex enough concept to need explanation beyond colorful graphics. Since it's a major selling point for the car, Scion thought Univision was the medium to tell folks about it.

Spanish-language spots, Inouye said, "[have] only been with Univision, and in fact we've also advertised on many sports types of programming. Soccer as well as boxing." The buy, she said, helped to complement the general-market Hispanic sales Scion has already made. "The bilingual consumer is watching both in English and in Spanish; we're trying to make the pure process clear to everyone."

And since "everyone" is targeted squarely at the millennial demo, it's important to make sure Hispanic consumers are aware—buying among Hispanic millennials outpaced their non-Hispanic counterparts by quite a bit, according to Polk auto registration data. Among Hispanic consumers, millennials comprised 15.2 percent of the market; among non-Hispanics, it was just under 11 percent.

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