Report: Ailes Told Regan to Lie About Kerik

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes was the executive who advised former HarperCollins publisher Judith Regan to lie to investigators in 2004 about her affair with Bernard Kerik, the now-disgraced former New York City police commissioner, the New York Times reported Thursday.
According to the report, documents filed in New York State Supreme Court and left temporarily—and accidentally—unsealed reveal Regan’s charge that Ailes told her not to discuss the affair in a bid to protect his close friend Rudy Giuliani, as the former mayor and Kerik mentor weighed a bid for the Republican presidential nomination.
Regan first claimed that a senior executive from News Corp.—HarperCollins’ parent company—had urged her to keep the affair under wraps in 2006, in the wake of her firing from the publishing house. At the time, the executive was kept anonymous. But filings from a lawsuit brought by Regan’s former lawyers against her have now revealed that Ailes was allegedly the executive in question, and that Regan had taped their conversation.
The Times reports that a spokeswoman for News Corp. didn’t deny that Ailes was recorded speaking with Regan about the affair. In 2008, News Corp. settled a lawsuit filed by Regan for $10.75 million.