Rentrak Signs on HSN for ‘Essentials’ Deal

Rentrak, one of several companies offering TV measurement services based on set-top box data, announced Monday (July 13) it had signed on Home Shopping Network for its line of TV Essentials services.

HSN joins several other niche TV networks including HDNet, WealthTV and Inspiration Network.

As a client of TV Essentials, HSN will have access to second-by-second viewing patterns and reports on audience flow, audience retention, day-part analysis and other data summarized at a national or market level based on data from 10 million set-top boxes from cable, satellite and telecommunications providers.

HSN intends to use the data to help better leverage programming to maximize product sales.

“In addition to providing the most comprehensive television data available, the TV Essentials service will help us to sync our programming with consumer purchase patterns in order for HSN to remain a leading merchandise network,” said Bill Brand, executive vp of programming, marketing and business development for HSN.