Radio Talker Rhodes Signs On With Premiere

Former Air America firebrand Randi Rhodes has signed a syndication deal with Clear Channel-owned Premiere Radio Networks, home to conservative Rush Limbaugh, a polar opposite to Rhodes. Beginning May 11, The Randi Rhodes Show will debut in the 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET slot, originating live from Washington, D.C.

Among the affiliates that have agreed to clear the show include Clear Channel Radio’s KTLK-AM in Los Angeles, KPOJ-AM in Portland, Ore. and KKGN-AM in San Francisco.

Rhodes was most recently syndicated with Nova M, a left-leaning upstart radio network that never quite got any traction. But she was best known for her time with Air America Radio, which she joined when the network launched in 2004.

Not without controversy, Rhodes was forced to exit Air America over obscene comments she made about Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro at a station event hosted by KKGN.  

This isn’t the first time Rhodes has worked for Clear Channel. Prior to Air America, she hosted local radio at WIOD-AM in Miami and West Palm.