On the Adweek Podcast: What Apple Has in Store for News and TV

Plus, the Kraft Heinz mega-merger that wasn't

Apple is getting into the content business. Getty Images
Headshot of Aneya Fernando

So much news to discuss, so little time! On this week’s episode we delve into everything from Apple’s big streaming announcement to the failed Kraft Heinz merger.

This week on the Adweek podcast, Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, video producer and editor Josh Rios takes over hosting duties (and does a mighty fine job, I might add). He’s joined first by digital media reporter Sara Jerde, who explains what all the Apple news really means for the future of magazines, TV streaming and most importantly, Oprah’s Book Club.

Then, senior editor Patrick Coffee and brand marketing reporter Diana Pearl join the show to discuss their deep dive look into the failed Kraft Heinz mega-merger and what brands can learn from the whole debacle.

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@aneyafernando aneya.fernando@adweek.com Aneya Fernando is digital projects manager at Adweek.