NBCU’s Slow Leak Layoffs Will Continue

Target is between 450 and 500 jobs

It's a long list of layoffs and it's set to get longer as NBCUniversal fishes for redundancies and excesses that can be trimmed back. The network is reportedly shooting to cut between 450 and 500 jobs by year's end.

It's not the same as the massive reshuffling that happened when Comcast acquired a majority stake in the company, but the slow crawl toward a goal number of job reductions is never easy on the remaining employees.

Let's tally up the numbers, shall we?

  1. Eighty people gone at The Weather Channel on Oct. 16
  2. Twenty staffers in the NBC late-night division on Aug. 19, with a huge salary reduction to Jay Leno, which he reportedly took to keep more employees from being let go (by the way, somebody give Jay a hug).
  3. Twenty-five employees at Universal Pictures on Nov. 1
  4. Quite a few people at G4, down to what Joystiq describes as "a skeleton crew" as far as gaming content is concerned.
  5. USA, Bravo, E! and both of the network's cable news channels (CNBC and MSNBC) have felt the pinch, too.