NBC Local to Sell Mobileyes Net

3rd Dimension, a company which distributes real-time video traffic content to mobile devices via a service called Mobileyes, announced Monday (Nov. 3) the launch of a new national mobile advertising network. Ad sales for The Mobileyes Advertising Network will be handled exclusively by NBC Local Media.

Distributed through partnerships with local media outlets, Mobileyes currently has agreements with local TV stations in nine of the nation’s largest markets including three NBC owned-and-operated stations in New York (WNBC-TV), Los Angeles (KNBC-TV) and Washington, D.C. (WRC-TV). Other markets where Mobileyes is available include Detroit, Hartford, Houston, Kansas City, Knoxville, and Indianapolis.

Free to consumers, Mobileyes has been downloaded by more than 200,000 drivers.

“Until now, our local media partners have sold advertising space on a market-by-market basis, serving up more than 3.5 million ads in the past three months,” said Eric Joseph, president and chief operating officer for 3rd Dimension. “Now as the mobile advertising market is enjoying explosive growth and we continue to expand our mobile traffic network, we are better suited to work with advertisers on a national level.”

Advertising, which can be purchased by daypart and/or geography, runs in the six to 10 seconds preceding the display of live traffic video on mobile devices.