National Spot Momentum Heads Into Q3

The momentum in the national spot radio market for the first half of the year is continuing into third quarter. According to a Katz Media report released to clients late Wednesday (June 30), the third quarter is pacing up 18 percent with July up 13 percent, August up 16 percent and September surging 28 percent.
With the exception of entertainment and finance (which is up only slightly), radio’s core categories are showing double-digit increases for the quarter: retail (up 23.2 percent), auto (up 39 percent), telecom (up 11.3 percent), consumer products (up 56.9 percent), and professional services (p 28.4 percent).
Advertisers that have booked for third quarter include Verizon, Safeway, Geico, Supervalu, AT&T, O’Reilly’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, JP Morgan Chase, Scotts, Panera, PNC Bank, Allstate, Comcast, Fox, Cricket Communications, American Express, Honda and Dodge.
Though demand and pricing vary by market, prices in general, are rising. Based on sales through June, rates are up in the mid to high-single digits. With political on the horizon, tightening demand, rates will experience even more pressure beginning with the start of the political push in August.
The biggest demand is in the Southeast where pacing is up 27.4 percent, followed by the Northeast and South Central regions, up 21.3 percent and 20.7 percent, respectively. The North Central and West regions are pacing up a little over 15 percent.