MST3K Smashes Kickstarter Goal, Becoming the Web’s Largest Crowdfunded Video Effort

14-episode season is now in the works

A Kickstarter project to bring back cult favorite TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 raised more than $5.76 million, plus an additional $425,000 outside of Kickstarter, surpassing its $5.9 million goal.

MST3K founder and original host Joel Hodgson says that's enough to create 14 new episodes plus a holiday special. 

The final tally makes MST3K's revival the largest crowdfunded video project in the Internet's history, narrowly beating the $5.7 million raised for the Veronica Mars movie.

For the uninitiated, MST3K stars Hodgson as a janitor who's sent to outer space and forced to watch crappy movies—and sarcastically comment on them—alongside robot sidekicks he built himself.

Hodgson created the show in 1988 along with Jim Mallon when both worked at KTMA-TV in Minneapolis. The show went nationwide on The Comedy Channel in 1991. It moved to Sci-Fi in 1997 before it was ultimately canceled in 1999. 

Shout! Factory bought MST3K last month and was fully behind the Kickstarter.

"The raised funds will go toward the production of the new episodes, backer rewards and cost associated with running the campaign," Shout! Factory told Adweek when the project began in November.

Hodgson hopes the new season will include cameos from stars including Joel McHale, Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black. 

"These nice folks are all really busy … but they're also really big fans of MST3K," Hodgson wrote on Kickstarter. "They've each said that if we can fit into their schedules, they'd love to do a cameo in one of our new episodes!"