Mediaweek TV: Exclusive Bruckheimer Q&A

When a TV show has Jerry Bruckheimer’s imprimatur, chances are the networks are hoping for a hit. After all, this is the man behind CBS’ CSI franchise, as well as that network’s reality vet The Amazing Race.

So expectations were high for ABC’s new legal series The Whole Truth, which Bruckheimer TV produces. But in its premiere outing Sept. 22, the show launched to disappointing numbers, drawing less than 5 million viewers, and scoring a 1.5/4 among viewers 18-49. If the show is to get that all-important back-nine order from the network, then ratings clearly must improve.

The series stars Rob Morrow as a tough defense attorney and Maura Tierney as his opponent in the D.A.’s office. In a behind-the-scenes twist, the pilot shown to advertisers at last spring’s upfronts featured Joely Richardson in the role now played by Tierney, who was still recovering from her recent bout with cancer.  

In addition to The Whole Truth, Bruckheimer also is behind NBC’s FBI drama Chase this fall. It, too, has performed only modestly in its initial outings.

In an exclusive interview with Mediaweek’s Alan Frutkin, Bruckheimer talks about the ABC show, how he chooses projects, and the impact of recent failures like last season’s The Forgotten and Miami Medical.

View the exclusive Bruckheimer interview below: