Mad Men Series Finale Was the Hit AMC Show’s Most-Watched Episode

Draws 3.3 million viewers Sunday

They may not by M*A*S*H numbers (106 million viewers for the series finale) or even Seinfeld (76 million), but the Mad Men series finale drew a respectable 3.29 million viewers, making it the most-watched episode of the series among viewers who watched it live or on the same day it was broadcast. Adding Live + 3 day and Live + 7 day viewing will likely mean the show's final bow will remain its most watched. In fact, the second half of the seventh and final season is on track to be the most-watched in both measurements.

In the past, the Live + 7 day measurement has provided a 60 percent boost in viewership or more for the hit AMC show. With data from Nielsen compiled by Horizon Media—which has been tracking the show's ratings since its debut on July 19, 2007—here's a look back at Mad Men by the numbers:

Total viewer season averages in Live + same day and Live + 7 day viewing

Season 1:   746,615 / 881,682

Season 2:  1.166 million/1.402 million

Season 3:   1.824 million/2.510 million

Season 4:   1.749 million/3.298 million

Season 5:   1.828 million/ 3.028 million

Season 6:   1.846 million/ 3.041 million

Season 7a:   1.558 million/ 2.826 million

Season 7b:    2.117 million/ 3.445 million (through the May 3 episode Lost Horizon)