Information Diet: Nick Cannon

The TV personality and radio host has two phones but don’t mistake him for a mobile-only guy

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?

My morning is probably everybody else’s middle of the night. When I’m on the East Coast, I’m up at 3:30 a.m., and on the West Coast, I’m up at 1 a.m. to start my morning show. The first thing I’m on is the Internet—Twitter, then

What do you read or watch or listen to at the breakfast table?

I’m always having breakfast during my show, so that’s usually the time when I’m looking through my blog. I eat nothing but junk food every morning—Laffy Taffy and Sweet Tarts. I mean, I’m doing a morning show for four hours and I have to act crazy.

What occupies your mind in the car, on the subway, train, or bus?

I drive to work, going over records that I’ve produced or some of my artists. It’s really my quiet time when I can focus in.

Are you a TV junkie or on an airtime-restricted diet?

I actually do watch quite a bit of TV. But it’s not really the normal stuff—I don’t watch a bunch of sitcoms. I’m always watching docuseries. I love the Biography channel, the Science channel, and the National Geographic channel.

If you’re a couch potato, what do you watch, and how: TV, laptop, or tablet?

One of my favorite shows is Lockup on MSNBC. And there’s this show I love called Unsung. That’s a music docuseries on TV about artists who have been overlooked in the past. I still like to get into bed and watch television. I don’t really love watching it on the iPad, but I will if I have to.

Before bed, do you bite into a novel, graze on Twitter, or fast until morning?

You mean before the nap that I get to take? Probably fast until morning. It’s especially hard with twins that will wake up at any moment.

Which is more nutritious: print or Web?

I’m going to go with Web. When it comes to magazines, I definitely like to have the physical magazine. I’m a huge fan of Vibe, Complex, Details, GQ, Hip Hop Weekly. But for information in general, it’s definitely Web.

Give us the skinny on your favorite app.

Angry Birds! Other than that, I’m always in the notes program on my iPhone.

What’s your biggest digital indulgence?

My blog on is what I live on. I’m always logged on, whether it’s from my iPhone or my Droid phone.

With such a bloated media universe, how do you cut out the fat?

Even though it is a bloated media universe, it’s set up so you can actually have it your way. It’s like a smorgasbord or buffet. There are so many things, but you can just go to exactly what you want and what you like. The amount of access is crazy.