Information Diet: Kevin Nealon

The Weeds star and former SNL cast member loves Twitter. And Angry Birds, naturally

Adweek: What’s the first information you consume in the morning?

Kevin Nealon: First, I try to determine where I am and how I got there. From there, I check the breaking news on Twitter. Everything seems to be breaking news now. When did news become so breakable?

What do you read or watch or listen to at the breakfast table?

If I’m on the road, I will pick up the newspaper outside my door in the hotel hallway. If I’m home, I will read an old People magazine or the back of the cereal box. It doesn’t matter what it is, but I need to read something.

What occupies your mind in the car, on the subway, train, or bus?

How easily I could smash into another car if I tried to text or send out a tweet. I tend to listen to Sirius XM Radio.

Are you a TV junkie or on an airtime-restricted diet?

Definitely not a TV junkie. I only record shows I want to see but usually never get around to watching them.

If you’re a couch potato, what do you watch, and how: TV, laptop, or tablet?

If I’m truly being a couch potato, I’ll watch whatever my 4-year-old son is watching. Usually, it’s Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! or DVDs of Scooby-Doo.

Before bed, do you: bite into a novel, graze on Twitter, or fast until morning?

A novel is too much of a commitment. I tend to peruse Twitter—I check to see if I had any mentions and read the latest messages. It’s also less likely to wake up my wife.

Which is more nutritious: print or Web?

Print is definitely more nutritious. When I leave a website, I’m hungry again an hour later—especially the Chinese websites.

Give us the skinny on your favorite app.

I have a severe addiction to Angry Birds. I always tell myself, “One more game…” But then there’s always another and another and another.

What’s your biggest digital indulgence?

I recently purchased an iPad 2 because I didn’t want to wait for the iPad 3 and iPad 4. I’m streaming Netflix on it now and catching up on Dexter and Lost. And Gilligan’s Island.

With such a bloated media universe, how do you cut out the fat?

Simple: Twitter. It’s immediate “breaking news,” and there’s not enough room for extra “fat” characters.

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