How This New Platform Plans to Make Buying Ads on Streaming Services Easier

Tegna Media wants to reach cord cutters

Premion, a new division from Tegna Media, wants to be your one-stop shop for all things over the top.

Instead of shopping around on different platforms, which all have their own unique pricing structures, Premion will aggregate those options for ad buyers.

As announced today, the new company will help consolidate ad buyers' choices when it comes to breaking into the OTT space. Premion is working with over 80 streaming platforms and networks such as Roku, Sling, NBC Sports, FX and Discovery to provide access to that inventory for local and regional advertisers.

"We're looking at the shifting of consumer trends of TV viewing," said Jim Wilson, the president of Premion. "It's growing rapidly and expanding from the linear and digital spaces."

Wilson added, "Tegna continues to bring innovative products that expand opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences."

Premion wants to help advertisers reach cord cutters and cord-nevers as easily as possible with this first-in-market solution. By offering high service levels and delivery completion rates, Premion could help solve a problem many ad buyers are having with the digital streaming markets. 

"This is a new frontier, kind of like what cable was back in the '80s," said Wilson. "New channels keep emerging, and advertisers are trying to make sense of the growing digital market for local and regional ads."

Premion will provide ads that run 15 or 30 seconds and are fast-forward-disabled, preroll and midroll pods.

"People need to take off their traditional hat," said Michelle Levins, director of media strategy for McCarthy Companies, one of Premion's early ad buyers. "You can't put digital and traditional media in different buckets anymore. You have to think of the consumer perspective and how they're consuming media."

Initial results of Premion's pilot program show consistent and reliable impression delivery with advertising completion rates exceeding 96 percent.

"People are viewing content any time, anywhere and from any device," said Wilson. "Advertisers need to include OTT options in their media mix."

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