Google Immediately Runs Out of Free Netflix Subs for Chromecast

TV bridge device showcased streaming service in promos

That was fast. Google told the Los Angeles Times this morning that a three-month Netflix promotion offered in limited quantities is no longer available.

That puts the kibosh on free Netflix for the rest of the customers looking to acquire Google's new streaming toy.

As reported by Adweek at the time of its unveiling Wednesday, the Chromecast—basically a bridge device from phone or tablet to TV—is pretty similar to a lot of the stuff at CES earlier this year, but Netflix has effectively given a stamp of approval to Google, allowing subscribers to broadcast shows from their smartphones.

The gadget sold out at Best Buy and more or less instantly, and though it's still available through the Google Play store, it takes a while to arrive. The unveiling inspired plenty of breathless coverage, but there were also some dissenting voices. Gizmodo's Brian Barrett noted that the app selection isn't any great shakes "unless you happen to have the world's only robust Google Play library," and tech reviewers at CNET gave the souped-up dongle a tepid three out of five stars and observed that it "doesn't do much."

Still, Google's announcement/marketing ploy seems to have paid off handsomely—as Amazon did with the Kindle, the company has created a backlog of demand for what is essentially a device to deliver digital purchases from the company's own catalog.

And Netflix.

For some people.