Fuse Tunes Guitar Hero World Tour for Killers’ Special

Fuse is making a hot fuss over retro dance rockers The Killers, signing Activision’s Guitar Hero World Tour as the exclusive sponsor of the Las Vegas-based band’s upcoming special.

Set to premiere on Thanksgiving night (Nov. 27) at 8 p.m., the one-hour The Killers Rock Fuse will run without commercial interruption. Billboards and tagged tune-ins will herald Activision’s support of the Fuse special.

Following the premiere, custom playlists from the game will be made available via Fuse On Demand.  

Priming the pump for the release of its third album, Day & Age, the Killers will perform live from Fuse’s Seventh Avenue studio, across from Madison Square Garden. On site, Guitar Hero World Tour kiosks will be set up around the perimeter of the studio, giving fans in attendance a shot at playing the game, which was released on Oct. 28.

In a felicitous bit of synergy, Activision said that it would add three downloadable Killers tracks to the Guitar Hero World Tour game, including two songs from Day & Age (“Human” and “Losing Touch”), as well as the band’s first single, the 2004 indie hit “Mr. Brightside.”