Five Shows Premiering This Winter That You Need to See

Another new year, another bumper crop of slots on your DVR waiting to be filled with shows that haven't been canceled or started to smell funny after a few episodes. But where to look?

We figured we'd look everywhere, so below, please check out our best bets for the first part of 2015 (yes, we cheated slightly—that new Amazon show premiered last month, but it's on demand and it's really good). Of course, you'd be unwise to count out broadcast entirely—there's a new cop show from no less than Vince Gilligan, and we liked the pilot a lot. And iZombie (which, oddly, still doesn't have a premiere date) is one of the best shows we've seen all season.

But there's good stuff across the spectrum, and if you've sufficiently recovered after the Black Mirror Christmas special (yes, you can only get it on DirecTV, but just wait!), now's the time to dig in to the good stuff the networks have been saving for the dead of winter.