Filming Set to Begin, but Gere/Sarandon Thriller Lands in Court

Arbitrage, a Wall Street thriller starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon, is experiencing a financial meltdown just two weeks before it’s set to start filming.
The movie’s critically acclaimed director, Nicholas Jarecki, is suing producer Michael Ohoven and Infinity Media for $500,000, claiming slander and tortious interference. Jarecki, who has several directing and writing credits to his name, including a collaboration with novelist Bret Easton Ellis on the adaptation of The Informers, claims Ohoven is trying to take over his movie.
“[Ohoven and Infinity Media] publicly asserted false claims to the [movie] and have communicated such claims to third parties in attempts to frustrate [Jarecki’s] ability to produce the picture,” the suit alleges.
Jarecki filed suit on Monday seeking half a million dollars in damages and asking a judge to determine who owns the rights to the movie.
A lawyer for Ohoven, who has produced a string of movies both high and low—from The Human Stain, which starred Anthony Hopkins, to Just Friends, with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart—said he was unaware of the claim.
Arbitrage is about a corrupt hedge fund manager racing to sell his firm before his financial fraud is found out. Al Pacino was originally cast as the lead but bailed out in January for unknown reasons.