The End of ‘Jersey Shore’ Approacheth

Hit reality series' sixth season will be its last

All you people looking to watch attractive people doing inadvisable things on television, look out. You will have slightly fewer options in 2013. MTV's Jersey Shore has gone from a breakout hit to a dependable ratings earner, but after a ratings decline in its most recent go-round, its sixth season will be its last, according to the network.

The series' final hours will begin airing on Oct. 10 (the same day as MTV's Video Music Awards), starting with an hour-long special called Gym, Tan, Look Back airing at 6 p.m. At 7 p.m., a VMA preshow event will feature interviews with the Jersey Shore's cast, followed by the VMAs, then the final season premiere at 10 p.m. MTV is obviously hoping to end the series on a bang with a lead-in like that, and while the crew may not be on TV as a unit any longer, fans can tune in to Snooki & JWoww.

The Situation, Snooki and the rest of the gang are reportedly pulling in $2 million apiece for the upcoming season, which, The Washington Post notes, averages out to about the same rate for the entire cast of Modern Family. There's a slew of new stuff in the works over at MTV, as well as plenty of material the net is hoping will catch on in as big a way as Shore, notably Teen Wolf and Awkward.

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