Donny Osmond to Host Radio Show

Donny Osmond, the winner of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars has waltzed his way into a new weekday radio show. Osmond’s show, titled (what else) The Donny Osmond Show, will launch Jan. 18 on 60 radio stations and air middays 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The female-targeted program was developed by broadcast consultant Mike McVay of McVay Media and is the first offering from newly launched McVay Syndication. Citadel Media, which syndicates programs such as Imus in the Morning and The Mark Levin Show, is handling distribution and sales.

“Donny Osmond is a classic American performer who has spent the majority of his life bringing smiles to audiences around the world and continues to captivate his tremendous fan based today,” said Carl Anderson, senior vp of programming and distribution for Citadel.

Radio is just about the only medium Osmond hasn’t tackled in his career. A recording artist, actor, TV host, author and race car driver, Osmond’s Web site receives 120 million hits each year.

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