Vanity Fair Connects Emma Watson With Grand Central Station Commuters

Solid advice, for $2 a pop

Last year, Derek Blasberg interviewed Emma Watson for CNN Style, profiling her environmentally-conscious wardrobe choice for the Met Gala. This year, he went a little bit more downscale.

Blasberg’s latest episode of his Vanity Far web series Derek Does Stuff With Friends saw him traipsing to Grand Central Station in February, with Watson dialed on an iPad, offering commuters the chance to ask the actress advice for $2 a pop.

For example, when a woman inquired about a good hangover cure, Watson suggested an old-fashioned English breakfast of eggs and baked beans. Adding, “Are you hung over right now?” Ha ha.

Watson is impossibly charming in the segment. It’s a very fun way for Vanity Fair to cross-promote Blasberg’s March 2017 cover story with the actress. The money made from the advice-booth endeavor was donated, per Watson’s instructions, to Planned Parenthood.