Craig Ferguson Gets Anthrax Scare

FBI, LAPD investigate menacing letter

Craig Ferguson had planned to do a bit about the East Coast earthquake on his show last night. Instead, he cracked a few uneasy jokes about the envelope packed with white powder that he received earlier in the day. “[T]he earthquake only scared millions of people on the East Coast, but the white powder did something much worse. It scared me," he quipped.

Ferguson was reportedly rattled by the threatening letter, but still continued the taping for last night’s Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson. He tweeted, "Ack! Someone mailed my show white powder & claimed it was anthrax. I'm not a big fan of that sort of thing." The anthrax scare particularly hits home at CBS, one of the networks targeted in the 2001 anthrax attacks.

Two people in CBS’ Television City were temporarily quarantined after being exposed to the unknown substance, which later was revealed to be benign. The FBI and Los Angeles Police Department are working to decipher the origin of the letter, but early indications suggest it was sent from Europe.

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