Choose the Industry’s Most Influential Execs

In November, Adweek will mark its 30th anniversary with a special issue celebrating the past three decades in the business and taking stock of the industry’s future. The centerpiece of the issue will be a photographic portfolio featuring Adweek’s selection of 30 of the most influential people working in advertising, marketing and media today — people whose work has reshaped the business, and whose vision will be felt broadly across those industries for years to come.

In the poll below, we invite you to make your own choices.

Check the boxes next to the people who you think belong on a most-influential list. (You can select as few or as many people as you like.) Use the “Other” field at the bottom to add a person not included on the list. Use the comments section below that to add more than one extra person.

We will compare your collective picks to ours as part of our 30th anniversary celebration.