Belo Offers ‘Your Time’ Again

For the seventh consecutive election cycle, Belo said Monday April 21, it would offer free airtime for congressional gubernatorial candidates on the It’s Your Time program. Belo also announced its election coverage plans, vowing to televise at least one hour of political coverage each week in the six weeks prior to the general election on Nov. 4.

Candidates will get five minute of free air time via the TV group’s It’s Your Time program;, four minutes to tell viewers why they should be elected and one minute to answer a question specific to the candidate’s race.

Belo is one of several TV groups offering free airtime to candidates including Hearst-Argyle Television, Scripps and Granite.

“Belo has a deep commitment to providing robust election coverage that helps crate an informed electorate in the local communities we serve,” said Dunia Shive, president and CEO of Belo.

In 2006, 146 qualified candidates for the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and sate gubernatorial offices participated in It’s Your Time, for a total of 13 hours of free airtime. Since the program’s inception, nearly 700 candidates have participated.