Ace Metrix: Doritos Ad Most Effective of Super Bowl

The Doritos’ “Pug Attack” spot, airing in the first quarter of the game, emerged as the most effective ad during Super Bowl XLV, according to ad tracker Ace Metrix.

The company, which uses online panels of TV watchers to score the ads based on metrics such as persuasiveness and likeability, among others, reported that the Doritos spot scored an overall 662 out of a possible 950 points.

(By Comparison, USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter Panel found that two commercials, including the Doritios’ pug spot along with a Bud Light ad where dogs cater a party, tied for most popular.)

The No. 2 ad in the Ace ranking was a Pepsi Max ad (“Love Hurts”), which also aired in the first quarter.

Animals and celebrities filled more than their fair share of the Super Bowl ad lineup this year, but according to Peter Daboll, CEO, Ace Metrix, the pets worked much better in appealing to consumers. “The celebrity ads are pretty much in the bottom third,” of all the ads in this year’s game, he said.

One exception: the Snickers spot with comedians Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr, which ended up sixth in the Ace ranking. “They really weaved the celebrities into the story line very well,” he said.

“This turned into the Auto Bowl this year,” said Daboll. “There were a lot of high-production-value automobile ads and they have great scores.” The average Ace score for the 21 car ads that ran in this year’s game was a 567, compared to a 503 for the eight car spots in last year’s game, said Daboll.

Three car ads made it into Ace’s top 10 ranking including the eighth-ranked Volkswagen Passat spot with the young Darth Vader trying to muster up “the force,” which scored a  603. Two Chevrolet ads, one for Camaro and one for Volt, came in just behind and tied with a score of 602.

The Doritos “House Sitting” ad came in third on the Ace list while the Pepsi Max “torpedo cooler” spot and a Bridgestone Tire ad placed fourth and fifth, respectively.