Mitt Romney

All the President’s Admen

Political consultancies still dominate when it comes to creating ads for presidential candidates. After all, given their access to polling data and campaign trail video, they can literally create an ad overnight. Players from the advertising world also contribute, if given clearly defined roles.

Mitt Romney’s Flip-Flops Now Available as Actual Footwear

Alec Brownstein, the guy who landed a Clio and a job at Y&R by buying up the names of famous creative directors as Google keywords, is back with his next project: Mitt-Flops. They're pairs of actual flip-flops you buy on Cafe Pre

Romney Outspends GOP Pack in S.C.

Mitt Romney and Romney PACs outspent former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in South Carolina in TV advertising nearly 2 to 1, but it wasn't enough, according to a TVB analysis of spending in the state.

The Blanding of America

One of the most indelible and enduring images of the 2008 presidential campaign was candidate Barack Obama's logo: a simple, clean, blue "O" rising like a sun above a prairie of receding red stripes. The design was instantly iconic, evoking hope, change, and a new dawn--all major themes of the Illinois senator's campaign.

Political Ads See a Slight Boost in Iowa

Republicans are apparently taking all of this debt talk to heart. With the political season underway and the Iowa straw poll slated for Saturday, the GOP has turned into one frugal lot.

Inside the Campaign Ad Machine

Talk to enough political consultants, and sooner or later you’ll hear some variation on the same story: the one about the tiny, small-market TV stations that, come the year after a big election, suddenly find themselves with enough money to buy new furniture, remodel their studios, and give out big bonuses to their staff.