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Ad of the Day: Facebook Creative Shop Built Chevrolet’s New Year’s Ads Around 360 Video

It's Jan. 4. Are you already on the verge of scrapping your New Year's resolutions?Well, Chevrolet just launched a campaign on Facebook designed to keep you on track—and in a broader sense, portray the General Motors nameplate as a valued partner on the road of life.

How Facebook Wants Creative Agencies to Innovate in Live, Vertical and 360 Video


20 Content Creators Who Are Setting the Bar for Creativity in 2016

At a time when so many people call themselves "content creators," who are the creatives truly making the most of modern media?From video and podcasts to VR and visual effects, today's content world is a stupifyingly massive playground where the rules are rewritten daily.

How Agencies Are Fighting Back Against Talent Raids by Tech Firms and Marketers

Never in her wildest dreams did Helen Pak think she would leave the advertising industry to do creative work for a technology company. Then, three years ago, while on set filming a big-budget commercial, the evp and co-executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi got a phone call out of the blue.

Liberty Mutual Tries Novel Filming Technique in This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure VR Video

Virtual reality is not even six months old on Facebook, but brands are already finding creative ways to film and post 360-degree clips. On Thursday, Liberty Mutual launches its first VR campaign, and it picked Facebook as the go-to platform.

Facebook’s Hacker Culture Heads to Cannes

Facebook plans to hack the ad industry at Cannes. Instead of building software, it’s building marketing campaigns with brands.Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer of Facebook Creative Shop, is taking more than a dozen members of his team to meet with advertisers and agencies to brainstorm campaigns, and actually do work—not just talk theory and technology.