Amazon Dash

Amazon Prime Day Sales Were Up 60%, and Robot Vacuum Cleaners Sold Like Crazy

If you are tired of hearing about Amazon Prime Day, well, put your hands over your ears because there are more on the way.

You Can Now Order Condoms With the Touch of an Amazon Dash Button

Amazon has announced Dash buttons for 78 brands, including Red Bull, Energizer, Illy Coffee, L'Oréal Paris Revitalift, Slim Jim, Clorox and—safe-sex advocates will like this one—Trojan, the condom company.

How Amazon Is Slowly Building a World in Which It Takes Very Little Effort to Shop

If you use all of Amazon's technologies in the near future, you almost won't have to leave your home. And you won't even have to push buttons to get your household needs fulfilled. 

It Wasn’t an April Fools’ Joke: Amazon Dash Buttons Are Available Now for $5

Amazon's Dash buttons are here, going on sale on the e-commerce giant's website today for $5 each.

Marketers Say Debuting Amazon Dash Right Before April Fools’ Day Was Genius

For a few hours on Tuesday, social media users were puzzled over whether Amazon Dash was an actual, Internet-of-Things invention or an early April Fools' Day joke.