Whatsapp’s Head of Brand on Shamelessly Chasing Your Passions

Eshan Ponnadurai embodies what it means to be a true global marketer. From Australia with roots as Sri Lankan Tamil, he’s repositioned products for P&G in new markets, created work that transcends borders to establish Google’s brand in the APAC region and united Uber’s stakeholders against a common enemy in Asia. Today, he’s merged his personal and professional passions to lead global marketing for Whatsapp. What has helped steer his rewarding career path, working for some of the world’s most recognized tech brands? Here, Eshan shares his biggest learnings—from what drives him to take big risks to how to grow opportunities into dream roles—and a critical question for all brands to ask themselves during the marketing reckoning happening right now.

@JeremySchumann With an unconventional background working in addiction recovery in South America, Jeremy Schumann is a brand marketer and strategist who has led marketing campaigns for top global brands ranging from Make-A-Wish, Nike and Uber Eats to Airbnb, Facebook and Google.