Poshmark’s Steven Tristan Young on Problem-Solving Over Perfection

The CMO discusses the importance of career breaks, community, and owning your narrative

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When Steven Tristan Young decided to take on the role of the first-ever CMO for the digitally native fashion marketplace Poshmark three years ago, he knew he had a big opportunity to make a mark on a lesser-known category that was ripe for adoption. And he was no stranger to taking on such a task, having served as VP of Growth for Grubhub at a time when the concept of food delivery was just starting to catch on. But it wasn’t an immediate move for Young as he decided to take some time off before taking on his first CMO role in order to find clarity on what he wanted to do next.

“I felt like seven years at any company is a long time, especially in a high-growth, high-intensity company. I felt like I needed to get off the train and just give myself some room to breathe,” Young explained.

That clarity brought Young to Poshmark at a prime time for the business where he was able to help grow the brand and bring the company public in early 2021, an experience he also had during his time at Grubhub.

In this episode, Young shares what it means to be a tech CMO today and what skills are most needed for marketers moving forward.

Young also offers incredibly raw and uninhibited advice around how to use your career hiatus to your advantage when interviewing, what key thing to ask for when going through an IPO, and whether or not an MBA is worth it for marketers today.

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