Head of Global Marketing and Communications

Peloton’s Dara Treseder Reveals New Community Campaign Showcasing the Power of 3 Million Members and Growing!

It’s been more than two years since Dara Treseder, now SVP, Head of Global Marketing and Communications for Peloton, first appeared on CMO Moves. Back then, she was the CMO of GE Ventures and she brought us an incredibly powerful episode packed with career tips called Managing Your Personal Brand Like a Start-Up. Clearly Dara follows her own advice, having transitioned from GE Ventures to CMO of Carbon to her now new role at Peloton and still juggling flawlessly career, family and personal development.

In this episode, which marks the first day of the newest campaign from Peloton, focused on community of more than 3 million members, Dara shares more about her new role and the excitement around this campaign.  To-date, Peloton, who “disrupted the fitness industry,” has been focused on marketing their products and services. Today, Peloton celebrates and showcases the strong individuals within the community and their emotional connectivity to each other.

As a strong black female executive, Dara was drawn to Peloton for a number of reasons, including the public Peloton pledge to be anti-racist. “I was inspired that the company wasn't just saying, ‘Oh, black lives matter’ or ‘being racist is bad,’ but the company was saying ‘within our sphere of influence, what can we do to promote anti-racism’ and taking it very seriously to the point of actually putting out a public pledge that we are holding ourselves accountable to.”

Further, Dara is an active member of the Peloton community and points to her Black Girl Magic Group showcased in the campaign who really keep her inspired and motivated.  She’s also a member of the Peloton working moms’ community and shares with us how she’s found harmony and balance across career, family and personal development.

As a recent teacher of the Brandweek Masterclass “Investing in Yourself” she reminds of us the model she shared just a few weeks ago:  DTBG – Dare to be Great!

“It basically talks about developing a mindset, the kind of mindset you need to get into, which has really helped me in my career. Taking clear-eyed risks… finding your voice and learning how to use it effectively. And then growing through mistakes and challenges. The fact is we are all broken and if you don't think you're broken, well, that's how you're broken.”