Dara Treseder
Chief Marketing Officer

GE CMO Dara Treseder on Managing Your Personal Brand Like a Start-Up

Loved recording this episode with Dara Treseder, CMO of GE Ventures, super hero mom and dedicated mentor.  As I sat across the table from her, I tried hard to not laugh the whole way through (failure), with her infectious smile, her quick wit, and her engaging stories.  But don’t let this polished charmer fool you, she’s also fierce.

Fierce in the best of all ways, as she devotes herself to marketing GE’s Venture Capital arm, Business Creation Group, and Licensing Business while helping others succeed.  An advisor to companies and a dedicated mentor to many individuals, especially other women of color who are battling negative stereotypes and unconscious bias, Dara has a sharp understanding of what it takes to grow and deliver.

When advising companies, CEOs and CMOs, Dara takes the first wise step to determine what the needs are and then how to translates that into a solution path.  Have a listen as she gives great advice on how CEOs should be considering their portfolio of needs when seeking a CMO and how CMOs should be positioning themselves in the growth model. Also in here are great tips for any leader to assess their teams and recruits to ensure there is a cultural and strategic fit that will help the overall team success.

When advising individuals, Dara helps shape the personal plan around the key elements of running a startup, “I always tell my mentees that we have to approach this like a startup. How are we going to get you that good valuation? How are we going to get you that exit that we're desiring? How do we bring everything we know about crafting a value proposition, building a killer team, marketing and selling your product, and investing in your product together to make you into the best product possible to help you get where you need to go?”

Oh, and lastly, but certainly not least by any means, you have to hear Dara tell the story of her first interview with the CEO for her role at GE Ventures and trying to figure out when to share that she was in her third trimester!  Priceless...