The Definitive Ranking of Every Adult Swim Show Currently Running

Over the next few weeks we're going to be looking at some of the highest-rated cable networks on the airwaves in much the same way we ranked the shows on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox back in September, and we figured we'd start off with an ambitious one: Adult Swim. Our rationale is pretty simple: It's a top 10 network in prime time even though most of its programming airs late at night; in total day rankings it beats out everything on cable—ESPN, USA, its huge sister networks like TNT and TBS—for the No. 1 slot; and its median age is 23. If you want those millennials who are abandoning traditional TV, especially young men, here they are. Much of Adult Swim's staying power is in its acquired or syndicated content (especially its anime programming and its reruns of Family Guy), but its originals are mighty, as well.