Josh Sternberg

Josh Sternberg

Media and Tech Editor
Josh Sternberg is the media and tech editor at Adweek.

G/O Media Says GMG Union Is ‘Harassing Candidates’ as It Tries to Rebuild Deadspin

G/O Media sends a letter to GMG Union saying it is moving Deadspin to Chicago and ending negotiations.

TikTok’s New Policy Restricts Users Under 18 From Giving Money to Streamers Without Parental Consent

TikTok adds restrictions to its gifting feature.

The 2000s: Most Disruptive Decade Since World War II

The Aughts may be the most disruptive decade since World War II: Google hits its stride, the iPhone debuts and other pivotal moments.

In the 2010s, Technology Brought Us Closer Together and Threatened to Tear Us Apart

The 2010s were the connected era, with technology bringing us closer together and threatening to tear us apart.

Chobani’s Brand Purpose Is Centered Around Humanity

President Peter McGuinness discusses how the yogurt company puts its consumers first.

Kimberly-Clark’s CMO Is Stepping Down

Giusy Buonfantino departs after less than 18 months in the role.

Dunkin’ CMO Tony Weisman Steps Down

He led the company's rebranding in 2018.

Twitch Tweaks Its Visual Identity

The streaming company introduced it at TwitchCon.

Marriott Is Starting to Look a Lot Like a Media Company

Inside the content-marketing strategy of the world's largest hotel brand.

Here’s Who You Picked for Our First-Ever Best of Tech Awards Finalists

Nearly 50,000 of you weighed in on companies excelling in ad tech.