Josh Sternberg

Josh Sternberg

Josh Sternberg is Adweek's tech editor.

YouTube Announces New Policies in Response to Advertisers’ Child Safety Concerns

The Google-owned company sent a letter to brands, agencies and influencers.

Can YouTube Ever Be Completely Safe for Advertisers?

This week underlined the inherent flaws of user-generated content portals as a sanctuary for advertisers.

Andy Warhol Eating a Whopper Is the Height of Nostalgic Consumerism in Super Bowl Ads

How commercials place us at once in the past and future.

These Marketers Are Aligned on One Goal: Instilling Deeper Consumer Connection

CES for CMOs is all about showing, not telling.

Instagram Temporarily Rolls Out New Functionality, Angers the Internet

The company says the the changes aren't permanent.

Tech Team’s Reading List: Our Favorite Articles From 2018

A look back at some of the digital highlights over the past year.

Colin Kroll, CEO of HQ Trivia, Dies at 34

Colin Kroll, co-founder of Vine and the CEO of HQ Trivia, died Sunday morning of an alleged drug overdose, according to multiple reports. He was found in his Manhattan apartment […]

Industry Reacts to Google CEO Pichai’s Hearing on the Company’s Data-Collection Methods

Execs wanted more push from Congress.

Q&A: What ZenithMedia’s Head of Innovation Is Excited to See Happen in 2019

Tom Goodwin looks into the crystal ball.

The Battle Between Data and Privacy Rights Will Become Even More Chilling

What will life be like when we're at the mercy of three big tech companies?