ClipTogether: Bringing Social Video Production to Facebook [Interview]

ClipTogether is a nifty new Facebook application that lets you produce videos with the collaboration of your Facebook friends. CEO, Lior Tal, describes ClipTogether as a 'social video production tool to create video clip movies with friends, edit them, and publish them on Facebook.'

7 Social Networks Designed to Help You Learn A New Language

In the past few years, there has been an emergence of social networks for learning languages that is making learning more fun, efficient, and interesting than usual. Here are 7 truly impressive social networks for you to use if you're trying to learn a new language.

Waze: "Wikipedia for Drivers" Leverages Social To Recommend Routes

Waze app is a high-end navigation tool and also a social, fun experience that is free and completely user-generated. I had a chance to visit the Waze office in Israel and talk with the VP of Community and Operations, Fej Shmuelevitz, about how Waze has grown as a result of immense community engagement.

WATCH: Does Social Media Make You Feel Like This?

This Smigly video illustrates how there is so much information overload going on in our heads, especially from social media, that we can't tap into the 'power of now' and stay in the moment.

My6Sense Founder Explains How To Get a 6th Sense Online [Interview]

Finding personally meaningful content online is a challenge we all face. Barak Hachamov, Founder of My6Sense talks about the new Android App and how it's 'digital intuition' finds personalized web content against the backdrop of information overload.

Have A Tech Demo? Google Invites You To Enter Their "Demo Slam" Competition

Google is now offering an outlet called Demo Slam for video makers to showcase imaginative tech demos to be judged by online audiences. Demo Slam is a brand new experiment, with its first competition opening today.

Interview: FringOut for Android Offers Almost Free International Calls

FringOut is Fring's first application that charges rates for international calls and it has recently received major media buzz for being cheaper and launching their Android app at the same time as their main competitor, Skype.

The 10 Biggest Acquisitions Of Israeli Companies This Year

There’s been a great deal of buzz lately about companies coming out of Israel being acquired by giant corporations such as Google (acquired Quiksee) and AOL (acquired 5min). What might […]

Boxee TV Takes A Bite Out Of Apple TV

Apple TV begins shipping today and Apple fans everywhere want to see if it will live up to what is promises. The TV home theatre device marks the entrance into […]

Want To Know What New at Google? Try Google New.

Google launched a convenient portal to their site two days ago for accessing centralized updates and news about their new products. It is aptly named Google New. Keeping up with […]