Interview: FringOut for Android Offers Almost Free International Calls

FringOut is Fring's first application that charges rates for international calls and it has recently received major media buzz for being cheaper and launching their Android app at the same time as their main competitor, Skype.

Is it possible for anyone with a mobile phone to call anywhere in the world absolutely free? The answer is… almost. If you’ve heard of Fring, you know it has always been a free application enabling video calls to other Fring users across the globe. Last month, they launched their first app for charged calls, FringOut, that’s used to call non-Fring members for only 1 cent a minute in many countries. However, only lately has there been huge media buzz surrounding FringOut’s recent release to Android Phones on October 6th. Why so sudden you ask? Perhaps because their direct competitor, Skype, released their Android App, SkypeOut, just one day after Fring and FringOut’s ‘almost’ free rates boast some serious competition.