Aaron Goldman

Aaron Goldman

Opinion Contributor
Aaron Goldman is chief marketing officer at 4C, a data science and marketing technology company

TV Convergence Will Create a More Lucrative Future for Athletes

As TV converges, the overall dynamics of the distribution of wealth in sports are changing.

Despite Initial Negativity, Zion Williamson’s Blown-Out Shoe Actually Provides an Opportunity for Nike

It also showed them to be a frontrunner among athletes.

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Opinion: 95 percent of impressions for Snap Ads were served programmatically.

Why Live Video is the Apex of the TV-Digital Convergence

Opinion: As the lines blur, the imperative narrows in on "right time."

Super Bowl LII Proves the Dawn of TV’s Next Golden Age, Not Its Death

Opinion: Take a step back from the channel-focused approach and optimize around audiences.

Social Media Is Dead … Long Live Social Advertising

Opinion: The final nail in the coffin may have been Snapchat’s redesign.