Catharine P. Taylor

George Washington raps for Honda

Did someone wake up this morning and declare it “Bad Raps in Commercials” Day? I’m beginning to wonder now that this Presidents’ Day rap for New York/Long Island Honda Dealers […]

No one wants a Vanilla Ice comeback

I thought I was just having a K-Fed flashback when I stopped by YouTube this morning, but, instead what I saw was Vanilla Ice rapping for TurboTax. Run for your […]

Eepybird performs at Coke headquarters

Above, Eepybird performing Experiment #214 in front of the entire staff of the Coca-Cola Company Wednesday at Coke’s Atlanta headquarters. How times have changed. Via Jaffe Juice, which was on […]

‘The Onion’ on the ‘Aqua Teen’ bomb scare

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare from last week may be hard to parody because it was so dangerously close to parody by itself, but The Onion gives it […]

Mac ads not apple of Gates’ eye

If it weren’t for all those Super Bowl ads, we probably would have posted about this last week, but in case you haven’t checked out what Bill Gates really thinks […]

The extended play version of Robert Goulet

I’m a big fan of the Emerald Nuts commercial from the Super Bowl featuring Robert Goulet, so I took the time to check out the Web version of the campaign […]

Spilled milk for the pigheaded Pork Board

Here’s one for the “not gettin’ it” Hall of Fame. The National Pork Board, home of the longtime slogan “The other white meat,” actually sent a cease and desist letter […]

Super Bowl ads cause high anxiety

You may have noticed that we’ve eschewed most rundowns of what ads proved to be the most popular on the Super Bowl, but we decided to post this one mostly […]

Jon Stewart’s personal Super Bowl ad

In this video, Jon Stewart takes a crack at creating his own Super Bowl ad, wherein he advertises his old couch. (He also makes fun of the Izod spot that […]

Patterson and Bowen’s J. Walter Reunion

Those who read yesterday’s USA Today cover story on James Patterson (known in his former industry, as Jim), may have noticed that the beginning of the piece unwittingly depicts a […]