The Michelin Man goes on a diet

Sadly, it looks like the Michelin Man has fallen prey to body-image issues and will soon reveal his slimmed-down body to audiences throughout the world. A story in Scotland’s Daily Record quotes Michelin’s U.K. marketing director on the topic of the new, thinner Michelin Man: “We’ve slimmed him down because it shows the evolution of people and is a way of keeping up with changes in society.” In addition to the usual marketing-director bombast, doesn’t that quote contain a bit of wishful thinking? Is mankind really getting thinner? Well, let’s move on. Allegedly, the new Michelin Man has already launched in the Far East, though minutes of in-depth research on Michelin’s Asian Web sites revealed no such slimmer icon. On the other hand, the image above, pulled from, suggests that maybe he really should consider holding back on the Doritos.