New movies for Mini sure aren’t BMW Films

The featured ad on the home page of YouTube this morning is a “trailer” for a new series of short films to support the launch of the redesigned Mini Cooper, which hasn’t been updated since its stateside re-emergence five years ago. BMW Films, this ain’t. Instead, the films are an homage to the 1970s, and specifically, to Starsky & Hutch, including having Todd Phillips, the director of the 2004 movie, direct the episodes, two of which are available now here. The crime-fighting pairing, in this case, is an action hero, Hammer, and his car, Coop—or as the trailer says, “A man with no past, and a car that’s running from one.” If you stop by the site, or go to the Hammer & Coop page on YouTube, try out the Action Name Generator to see what your action name would be. My name, Catharine P. Taylor, becomes Cool Breeze Tubs (which sounds a little Miami Vice to me). My colleague Tim Nudd’s is Thor Nighthawk. The site was taking a long time to load this morning, which I suppose is good news/bad news for the folks at Mini and their ad agency, Butler Shine Stern & Partners.

—Posted by Cool Breeze Tubs

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