Taylor to AdFreak: Au revoir!

Maybe you’ve noticed—more likely you haven’t—that my self-obsessed voice has been missing from AdFreak for the past few weeks. Now, in the style familiar to procrastinating writers everywhere, I’m finally getting around to letting you guys know that I’ve decided to move on. It took a while for me to write the final post for a few reasons—I don’t do goodbyes very well, and I didn’t want this to turn maudlin, which fortunately isn’t exactly AdFreak’s specialty. Still, as the person who came to Adweek way back in 2004 and suggested we start a blog—thank you Adweek!—I probably should do something other than vanish into the ether, so here’s my grand goodbye. I’ll leave it at this: It’s been a phenomenal and really silly ride, whether we were talking about how lame Crispin’s resurrection of Orville Redenbacher was or reviewing Donny Deutsch’s tan lines. I think you’ll agree this is important stuff to spend time on now that the industry as we know it is being smashed to smithereens, and I’m sure not even one nanosecond of the time all of you have spent—and will spend—reading AdFreak has been time wasted. So, you may ask, what have I learned over the last two and a half years? Ad agencies suck at designing their own Web sites.