Willie Nelson

Mark Crumpacker’s Farm-Friendly Pitch for Chipotle

For the average YouTube viewer, Chipotle’s computer-animated “Back to the Start” video from 2011, portraying a family farmer fighting back against industrial agriculture’s machine-made mystery food, was two minutes of entertainment (helped in no small part by Willie Nelson’s crooning the Coldplay song, “The Scientist,&rdq

Using the Familial to Sell the Familiar

Brands have long recognized the value of finding the perfect masculine embodiment for their products, be it Theodore Roosevelt touting the steady aim of A.H. Fox shotguns in 1909 or Brad Pitt flashing his stainless-steel TAG Heuer wristwatch a century later. The effect seems to work best on those occasions when a legendary man is pitching a brand with a comparable pedigree.

Marketing a $400 Cooler

Specs Who Corey Maynard

Karen O Covers a Willie Nelson Cover in Chipotle’s Latest Ad

Giant-burrito-peddling fast-food chain Chipotle, which eschews most advertising, appears to have settled, for the moment at least, on a content strategy: Wrapping up healthful, anti-industrial-farming propaganda in lightly branded music videos that pair big artists with unlikely songs.

Inside Chipotle & Willie Nelson’s Sustainable Farming Ad

No one, as the idiom goes, should see how the sausage is made. Thankfully, that rule doesn't apply to animated pork cubes.

Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ for Chipotle Ad

Attention, industrial farmers. Willie Nelson wants you to stop drugging your pigs and smashing them into compact, easily shippable pork cubes. So does Chipotle. So, the country icon and champion of family farms covered Coldplay's hit "The Scientist" for this two-minute-plus pseudo-PSA, commissioned by the sourcing-conscious burrito chain.