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Eight Digital Trends to Watch in 2013

Making predictions in digital media can be a dangerous game. Conjecture such as "2006 is going to be the year of mobile" come to mind. How many of us this time last year even knew what Pinterest was, let alone predicted its popularity explosion? With that being said, Adweek is attempting to make some educated guesses about where this industry might be headed.

Wii U Commercial Is a Spectacular Dubstep Disaster

Some readers felt we were being premature when we announced the death of dubstep at the hands of advertising earlier this year. But now you're going to wish we'd been right.

Fast Chat: IGN’s Executive Editor Richard George

Did Nintendo just sneak into the battle for the digital living room?

Nintendo Promises to Revolutionize TV, Somehow

Nintendo wants to steal some of Xbox’s—and maybe Apple’s—living room thunder before it’s too late. And today, during the company’s press event at E3, it boldly promised to do just that by revolutionizing the TV experience. It just won’t say how.