Twitter brand #fails

The #IAmARepublican Campaign Isn’t Exactly Going as Planned

The #IAmARepublican campaign was meant to show Americans that Republicans can be normal, reasonable people. However, it's become the latest case of snarktivism, as social media users hijack the hashtag to mock members of the political party.

DiGiorno Is Really, Really Sorry About Its Tweet Accidentally Making Light of Domestic Violence

DiGiorno Pizza has become one of the top brands on Twitter thanks to its quick wit and good ear for real-time conversations, but one careless tweet last night put that reputation at risk.

5 Epic Branded Twitter #Fails of 2013

While the potential benefits of real-time marketing have been documented, the tactic's perils helped keep the ad industry entertained during 2013. Well, the brands that got caught in Twitter's crosshairs were certainly not amused.